“Exhuma”: Kim Go-eun revealed behind-the-scenes stories of the scene where she performs a ritual

Kim Go-eun revealed behind-the-scenes stories of the scene where she performs a ritual in the movie “Exhuma”.

“Exhuma” is an occult film that depicts strange events happening to the geomancer Sang-deok (played by Choi Min-sik), the funeral director Young-geun (played by Yoo Hai-jin), the shaman Hwa-rim (played by Kim Go-eun), and Bong-gil (played by Lee Do-hyun), who moves a mysterious tomb for a large sum of money. In the film, Kim Go-eun played the role of Hwa-rim, a shaman who pacifies spirits.

On this day, Kim Go-eun talked about the scene where she performs a ritual, which garnered attention in the movie. She described the scene where she recites a prayer before performing the ritual as “a scene that was fearful and stressful.”

Kim Go-eun said, “Before performing the ritual, I recite a prayer called ‘Gyeongmun’ for about 30 to 40 minutes. The teachers recite the prayer meticulously, which was really impressive. It felt like watching a performance. Also, each teacher had a different feel every time. I also had thoughts like, ‘How can I do that?’ and if I feel awkward at that moment, it would be embarrassing.”

She continued, “I wondered if I could digest the tone and sound that seemed to be a mix of short-term practice. Especially, practicing ‘Gyeongmun’ until the end was the most difficult. Since the teachers hit different notes each time, the method I chose was to record the entire prayer when the teacher recited it until the end and memorize the note that I thought I could express well. I thought I should memorize that note as a whole.”

Kim Go-eun also shared an anecdote related to the scene where she performs the ritual. She said, “They say that you hear a ringing in your ears when a ghost approaches. When I went to see a ritual, there were people playing drums and gongs nearby. They were close by, but they played the gongs loudly. It sounded like my ears were going to burst. Then, when I went home and it was time to sleep, I heard a ringing in my ears. It sounded like a machine, so I thought it was some kind of machine and looked around at all the outlets to see where the noise was coming from. But it was tinnitus. I even put on earplugs, but I got goosebumps because it was tinnitus.”