“Don’t Forget Your Breakfast”: Kim Ji-hoon announced that he purchased an apartment for 150 million won

Kim Ji-hoon announced that he purchased a 10.3 billion won apartment in Seongsu-dong for 150 million won in “Don’t Forget Your Breakfast”.

On the 23rd, a video of Kim Ji-hoon‘s episode of “Don’t Forget Your Breakfast” was released.

In the video, Jang Seong-gyu introduced the neighborhood before heading to Kim Ji-hoon’s house.

Jang Seong-gyu introduced Kim Ji-hoon’s house, saying, “The apartments around here are worth 11 billion and 9.5 billion won. The average is 10.3 billion won. The apartment I’m going to today is the apartment I wanted to visit the most. It’s the flower of Seongsu-dong.”

With the help of Kim Ji-hoon’s manager, Jang Seong-gyu woke up Kim Ji-hoon by startling him, and Kim Ji-hoon made everyone laugh by saying, “You woke me up quieter than I thought.”

When asked, “Are you watching everything on OTT?” Jihoon Kim said, “I am watching everything. I share my ID with my friends. I don’t have much money.”

Jang Seong-gyu looked surprised and said, “The house here costs 100 million won per pyeong.”


Kim Ji-hoon said, “I bought this house for 150 million won. I received it as the first sale. At the time, this house may have been surprising, but it was unsold for a very long time. This was when it wasn’t even built. As this place was redeveloped, things like this happened.”

“They said the apartment was going up, but it fell apart while being sold before that. But before that, I had been living by the Han River on monthly rent. So I found out that there was a premium for the Han River view. They said they would sign a contract if I paid only a 10% down payment. The down payment was a bank loan and it lasted for 3 years.

“I signed a contract because I thought I would earn this much after 3 years since I moved in. But after 3 years, I didn’t have money, so I forced myself to borrow money from various places and signed a contract,” he said, explaining the story behind signing a contract for a house.

Kim Ji-hoon made people laugh by saying, “After 20 years of being an actor, I have two things left: this house and the loan for this house. But it was the best investment of my life.”