“Doctor Slump”: Park Hyung-sik rushes to Park Shin-hye’s side in concern

Park Hyung-sik rushes to Park Shin-hye’s side in concern in “Doctor Slump”.

In the 4th episode of the JTBC weekend drama “Doctor Slump” aired on the night of the 4th (written by Baek Sun-woo, directed by Oh Hyun-jong), once again, we see Haneul (played by Park Shin-hye) seeking comfort from Jung-woo (played by Park Hyung-sik).

Hong-ran (played by Gong Sung-ha), upon meeting Jung-woo, is surprised, saying, “So this person was your first love who moved to the rooftop?” Haneul explains to Hong-ran and her family, “He’s not my first love, just a friend.” However, Jung-woo, unaware of this, agonizes, “We were just like enemies… Am I really Haneul’s first love? That can’t be.” When Haneul comes to offer material for the trial, Jung-woo starts to misunderstand, saying, “Is finding material overnight easy?” Haneul shyly suggests, “I’m going shopping later, want to come?” which convinces him.

After choosing Haneul’s clothes, Jung-woo murmurs to himself, “Is my opinion still important? Is this why they say you can’t forget your first love?” As Haneul asks, “How do I look? Pretty?” Jung-woo, seemingly entranced, mumbles, “You’re pretty.” However, when she mentions, “I have a blind date tomorrow,” Jung-woo is shocked, and Haneul explains, “I asked my male friend for advice on my blind date outfit, so I brought you along.” Only then does he realize that he is not Haneul’s first love.

Returning home, Jung-woo comforts himself, saying, “It’s okay, it’s fine. You felt burdened by talking about your first love, didn’t you? It’s for the best.” As he bids farewell to Haneul heading out for her blind date, he says, “Take care, hope you meet a good guy,” but his face shows his excitement.

Haneul’s blind date turns out to be Jung-woo’s senior, Bin Dae-young (played by Yoon Park). Mistaking her blind date for Hong-ran, her only subscriber, she asks, “You went on a blind date with a friend and didn’t even ask?” In response to Haneul’s statement, “I’m not really curious,” Jung-woo, annoyed, breathes a sigh of relief when Haneul says, “The blind date didn’t go well,” and laughs, asking, “Why didn’t it go well? What happened?”

As Jung-woo listens to Haneul’s worries over drinks, he advises, “Try posting your resume on websites seeking doctors.” Once again, he looks at Haneul leaning on his shoulder and confesses, “I tried not to care, but I shouldn’t have. I can’t help it.”

Inebriated, Haneul submits her resume to a provincial hospital’s anesthesiology department, receives a call for an interview, and falls into deep concern. Jung-woo comforts her, saying, “Think carefully, you didn’t even want to apply… Don’t rush.” Realizing Haneul’s desire to work again, Jung-woo encourages her, saying, “Go to the interview. You’ll do well wherever you go.”

Kyung-min (played by Oh Dong-min) informs Jung-woo that Haneul won’t be hired due to her previous hospital’s resignation reasons. Blaming Kyung-min for not telling the whole truth, Jung-woo worries about Haneul, saying, “She had her reasons for going to that extent,” directed towards Haneul with concern.

Haneul, after the interview is canceled, calls Jung-woo, choking up, saying, “I think I just made a mistake.” At that moment, Jung-woo appears, comforting her, “You didn’t make a mistake. It’s not your fault. I came to tell you that,” and Haneul receives solace.