Director Lee Byung-hun’s “Chicken Nuggets”: A comedy full of flavor

When a daughter turns into chicken nuggets, what should one do? Director Lee Byung-hun, who wrote the 10 million legend with the movie “Extreme Job”, has come up with another ingenious idea.

On the morning of the 13th, a production presentation for the new Netflix series “Chicken Nuggets” was held at Lotte Cinema Geondae in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

“Chicken Nuggets” is a comedy about a father, Sun-man (Ryu Seung-ryong), and Baek-jung (Ahn Jae-hong), who has a crush on him, trying to reverse his daughter, Min-ah (Kim Yoo-jung), who has turned into chicken nuggets after entering a mysterious machine. It proclaims not a ‘new concept’ but a ‘new belief (chicken belief)’.

Director Lee Byung-hun, who skillfully portrayed the story of detectives running a chicken restaurant in the movie “Extreme Job”, aims to achieve the glory of “Extreme Job” once again with his chicken friend, Chicken Nuggets.

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Director Lee Byung-hun said, “It was based on a webtoon, and the story had enough merits. I thought it would be more fun and meaningful if I expanded the theme.” He pointed out that the subject and setting itself were attractive.

Regarding giving Ryu Seung-ryong a role related to chickens once again, he said, “I felt a little sorry because it’s a chicken. I thought he would accept it if I asked, but then again, it’s a chicken.” He explained with a laugh, “But I saw him frying chicken in ‘Moving’. It wasn’t such a big problem.”

You can’t leave out the fresh and lively taste of Director Lee Byung-hun’s words. He received love from the public not only in “Extreme Job” but also in dramas like “My Mister” with his lines. It is expected that you can also look forward to Director Lee Byung-hun’s taste in “Chicken Nuggets” this time. Ryu Seung-ryong said, “The script, including the design, was solid. We call the director a ‘unique genius’. There’s seriousness in his nonsense, and there’s nonsense in his seriousness,” urging expectations.

The synergy between actors Ryu Seung-ryong and Ahn Jae-hong, who have worked with Director Lee Byung-hun in “Extreme Job” and “My Mister”, respectively, also raises expectations. As they showed good chemistry with the director in different works, they are expected to become a ‘legendary laughter duo’.

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In particular, Ahn Jae-hong’s visual sync rate, which seems to have come out of the webtoon itself, makes people laugh just by looking at his face. Director Lee Byung-hun said, “I felt sorry for giving such a script to an actor who is becoming more and more handsome, but then I saw ‘Masked Singer’ Joo Nam.” He joked, “My guilt was relieved.” Ahn Jae-hong said, “My external sync rate with the webtoon character is high enough to just touch the helmet. You can see a character that looks like it just came out of a webtoon.”

Kim Yoo-jung, who plays the role of a daughter turned into chicken nuggets, especially loves the drama “My Mister”, which Director Lee Byung-hun wrote. She said, “I laughed a lot while reading the script. It was such an interesting piece that I immediately wanted to do it. Doing ‘Chicken Nuggets’ made me realize, ‘Ah, I like this kind of work.’” Director Lee Byung-hun said, “You might think that Kim Yoo-jung will only appear in the beginning because she turns into chicken nuggets, but no, she appears a lot. She even rides wires and runs, so please watch until the end.”

The new comedy “Chicken Nuggets” by Director Lee Byung-hun, full of flavor, will be released on Netflix on the 15th.