Choi Dong-seok has posted an exposé about his ex-wife, Park Ji-yoon

Former KBS announcer and broadcaster Choi Dong-seok has posted an exposé about his ex-wife, Park Ji-yoon.

On the 6th, Choi Dong-seok shared on his personal account, “I know this kind of post will tire many people, but since she blocked my contacts, this seemed to be the only way.” He then apologized to netizens, saying, “I’m sorry, everyone. I don’t want to do this either. I stayed up all night contemplating before posting. Why would I do this?”

Choi Dong-seok wrote, “A few days ago, Ian (his son) contacted me on the phone. He said since his birthday was approaching, he promised to come to me on Friday and go back to his mom on Saturday. I thought he wanted to spend his birthday with his mom.”

He continued, “Because it had been almost four months since I had properly seen the kids due to a court order urging the mother to show them to me, I was grateful that they first came home a few weeks ago, and we had a dreamlike time together. After that, my son voluntarily said he would show them to me, which made me feel grateful but also puzzled.”

He further explained, “When Ian came home, he had a severe cough. He said he had been to the hospital with his mom the day before. Anyway, during the short time of less than a day and two nights, I spent enjoyable moments playing games with Ian, having delicious meals, and having a good time. Sadly, I had to send him back to his mom on Saturday afternoon, wishing him to have a good time with his mom on Sunday, his birthday.”

“However, on Sunday morning, I saw a comment on SNS from my ex-wife at the airport. It said, ‘I guess they went to Seoul together.’ But something was odd; it followed the usual pattern whenever my ex-wife went to Seoul. Then the kids’ phones began to turn off,” he added.

Choi Dong-seok continued, “Late at night, party photos started popping up everywhere on SNS, showing people enjoying themselves, tilting wine glasses. However, on my ex-wife’s SNS, a video of her eating vitamins while working at home with Ian, as if she were with the kids, was posted. Now she has deleted that video.”

Lastly, Choi Dong-seok criticized, “And the next morning, my son was late, and his mom hadn’t returned home. Did she really have to go there? I don’t even want to argue now. If she had to go, wouldn’t it have been better to leave it to me? Then at least the sick kids wouldn’t have been left with someone else on their birthday without their parents.”

Choi Dong-seok, who married fellow KBS 30th batch announcer Park Ji-yoon in 2009 and has a daughter and a son, announced their divorce in October. Recently, he drew attention by posting on his personal account implying conflicts over parental rights with Park Ji-yoon.