Bold choices for gratitude and joy – Lee Min-jung on 2nd child’s arrival

On the 23rd, Lee Min-jung, through her social media, expressed, “Perhaps it’s been a while, but it seems I received a lot of congratulations, especially this time.” She continued, “I am truly, truly grateful to all acquaintances, fans, and our family who expressed concern, congratulations, and support. Thank you very much.”

In addition, Lee Min-jung shared pictures of the party she enjoyed with friends during her pregnancy, stating, “I will live, returning the gratitude as much as I feel. Singer-actor Son Dam-bi, upon seeing this, commented, “Unnie, congratulations, congratulations, have a happy Christmas.” Actor Lee Tae-sung also added, “Congratulations. It’s cold weather, so take good care of yourself.”

Lee Min-jung married actor Lee Byung-hun in 2013 and welcomed their first son in 2015. On the 21st, she held her second daughter. BH Entertainment, her agency, stated, “Both the mother and the child are healthy, and Lee Byung-hun is staying by his wife’s side.”