“Badland Hunters” and “The Bequeathed” both ranked first in Netflix’s global top 10

“Badland Hunters” and “The Bequeathed” both ranked first in Netflix’s global top 10.

On the 31st, Netflix announced that the movie “Badland Hunters” and the series “The Bequeathed” simultaneously took first place in the Netflix Global TOP 10 non-English movies and TV categories as of the week of January 22nd.

This is the second achievement for Korean content to simultaneously take first place in the non-English film and TV categories, following “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and “Carter” since the Netflix Top 10 list was introduced. In particular, “Badlands Hunters” and “The Bequeathed” are more meaningful as they are the directorial debuts of directors Heo Myung-haeng and Min Hong-nam, respectively.

The Netflix series “The Bequeathed” ranked first in the global top 10 TV non-English category and in the global top 10 in 29 countries based on 3.1 million views, highlighting the intensity of Korean mystery thrillers around the world. The movie “Badland Hunters” also recorded 14.3 million views in just 3 days after its release on the 26th, thanks to the unrivaled action of world-class action star Ma Dong-seok, ranking first in the non-English language category and second in the overall category among the global top 10 movies.

Director Min Hong-nam expressed his gratitude, saying, “I think this is a reward for the efforts of viewers around the world who showed interest in ‘The Bequeathed,’ as well as the actors and staff who participated with sincerity and passion.”

Director Yeon Sang-ho also said, “The work was achieved thanks to the viewers who recognized the sincerity of ,” he emphasized, adding, “I am grateful to all the actors and staff who gave a passionate performance without sacrificing their bodies.”

Director Heo Myung-haeng, who directed “Badland Hunters” said, “It is even more meaningful as it is an opportunity to introduce Korea’s great action actors along with K-action movies to 190 countries through Netflix.”

He added, “I am grateful to the global fans who watched ‘Badlands Hunters.’ Thank you to everyone, and we ask for your continued interest in K-action movies in the future.”

A Netflix official said, “Achieving first place in the global top 10 non-English language movies and TV categories at the same time shows the power of K content that attracts global attention by crossing genres and subject matter, from Korean-style mystery thrillers to action blockbusters. We are grateful to viewers around the world who showed interest in the brilliant imagination of Korean creators brought to life on screen.”