BABYMONSTER release ‘BATTER UP’ live performance for the first time

YG Entertainment’s rookie girl group, BABYMONSTER, has captured attention with the debut song ‘BATTER UP’ live performance stage, which is being revealed for the first time.

On the 9th, YG Entertainment officially shared ‘BABYMONSTER – ‘BATTER UP’ LIVE PERFORMANCE (School Ver.)’ on their blog. The video maximizes BabyMonster’s unique charm on stage, utilizing YG’s in-house production system.

As soon as BabyMonster made their entrance, they exuded a charismatic aura and overwhelmed the audience with explosive energy. The set, designed around a classroom theme, and the styling of school uniforms transformed into high-teen sensibilities by the six members also captured hearts.

Despite the high-level choreography, the members surprised viewers with their flawless performance. Dynamic lighting and camera work that continuously changed added another layer of appeal to the performance, creating a captivating attraction.

Their tasteful vocals and high-speed rapping showcased the remarkable talent of YG’s next-generation girl group, making their debut even more palpable. Towards the end, they presented an electrifying ending with their dancers and overwhelming choreography.

BABYMONSTER released their digital single ‘BATTER UP’ on the 27th of last month and has been making a mark on various global charts. The song debuted at 101 on the Billboard Global 200, the main chart of the Billboard, and entered the Billboard Global Excl. U.S chart at 49, showing a powerful presence as a ‘monster rookie.’

They have also gained immense popularity on global platforms. The ‘BATTER UP’ music video surpassed 22.59 million views on YouTube in just one day, breaking the record for the most views in 24 hours for a K-pop debut music video. The song reached 10 million streams on the world’s largest music platform, Spotify, in just ten days, rewriting the shortest record for a debut song by a K-pop girl group.