ASC2NT will debut in the first half of 2024

The 5-member boy group ASC2NT will debut in the first half of this year, their agency New Ways Company announced on the 17th.

Ascent is the first boy group launched by New Ways Company. It consists of five people: Karam, Injun, Jay, Reon, and Kyle. Three of the members, Karam, Injun, and Jay, are from the boy group Daeguknam-A. The group will be under New Ways Company, a new agency founded by CEO Park Gwang-won, a veteran manager with 25 years of experience.

The team name was inspired by the English word ASC2NT, which means ‘to rise’ or ‘ascend’. The number ‘2’ was included to symbolize ‘starting a second life.’

New Ways Company said, “We will show the special synergy unique to Ascent, which includes members who have built up solid experience through previous activities.”