Ailee reinterprets famous songs with her superb singing ability

Ailee reinterprets famous songs with her superb singing ability.

Ailee released her renewal project collaboration song “Haru” through her various online music sites at 6 PM (KST) on the 4th.

“Haru” is a song released by Nakashima Mika in 2005, and was included as the title song of Position’s regular album “Lamentation” in 2007, receiving great love from listeners. Ailee once again impresses listeners by reinterpreting her position’s ‘Haru’ in her gorgeous yet sorrowful voice.

In particular, the painful lyrics, such as “Why did you love me / Why do you make me cry like this / If I had known then that love is sadness / Would I have passed you by?” doubled the emotion and improved the song’s completeness. In addition, the album cover image, completed in collaboration with the author of the webtoon “Fairy Tale”, is expected to combine with Ailee’s unique vague sensibility, adding to the immersion of listeners and stimulating her emotions.

Ailee has been actively promoting albums such as “I Will Come to You Like the First Snow”, “Evening Sky”, “Heaven”, “I’ll Show You”, and “RA TA TA”, as well as the national tour concert “I AM: COLORFUL”. Accordingly, expectations are growing for the 2024 version of “Haru”, which will be performed by Ailee, who is loved by the public for her delicate expression of emotions and her solid singing ability.

The renewal project is a collaboration project that adds newness to familiar J-pop classics by reinterpreting them with the voices of domestic artists, or adds J-pop sensibility to new songs and releases them in Japanese versions.

Meanwhile, the renewal project collaboration song “Haru”, completed in Ailee’s colors, can be enjoyed on various online music sites from 6 PM (KST) on the 4th.