After being tested negative, will G-Dragon finally be relieved of his injustice?

Will G-Dragon, who was suspected of drug use, finally be relieved of his injustice after being tested negative?

Regarding G-Dragon‘s drug controversy and his negative results, Woo Jong-soo, head of the National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency, said at a regular press conference on the 11th, “We conducted an objective verification. The investigation is in the final stage after questioning about six witnesses. We will conclude the investigation as quickly as possible and announce the results.”

G-Dragon, who has been accused of drug use, is actively denying the charges. He tested negative in all the reagent test, hair analysis and afterwards a detailed analysis of his fingernails.

G-Dragon began a counterattack.

His legal representative, lawyer Kim Soo-hyun, said in an official statement on the 22nd, “We are taking legal action against the author of malicious posts that defame, insult, sexually harass, spread false information, and maliciously slander Kwon Ji-yong.”

The police say they will continue the investigation. Regarding the status of the investigation into him at a regular press conference on the 27th of last month, he said, “It is correct to believe that all possibilities are open until a conclusion is made.”

They added, “It is true that the results of the detailed drug analysis have been reported as negative so far. There are also some details that require additional investigation. If the fact of drug use is clear in various circumstances, it is not right to send the case to non-indictment just because it is completely negative. In some cases, even with a negative result, a person is found guilty if the circumstances of drug use are clear. I reserve the conclusion.”

However, as the female manager of the entertainment establishment reversed her position, G-Dragon’s complaints of unfairness seemed to be gaining more and more strength.

Ms. A, the female manager of a Gangnam entertainment establishment, changed her position during a recent police investigation, saying she did not see G-Dragon using drugs in person.

Previously, Ms. A said, “On December 7th last year, G-Dragon visited his entertainment establishment. “There was cocaine left after inhalation on a tray in the bathroom of the room where he was.”

However, she said, “I have not seen G-Dragon use drugs himself.” It is said that she changed her stance, saying, “It could have been done by another actor who visited his entertainment establishment with him.”