Actress Shin Min-ah shared behind-the-scenes about food filming

Actress Shin Min-ah shared behind-the-scenes information about food filming.

Shin Min-ah, who appeared in the movie “3 Days of Vacation”, appeared as a guest on KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Eun-ji’s Song Plaza” broadcast on the 7th.

On this day, DJ Lee Eun-ji asked Shin Min-ah, “You made a lot of different foods in the movie. Are you actually cooking?”

She said, “In fact, there are people who do it little by little and set up the food. I did the process myself.”

Lee Eun-ji asked, “When food comes out, you seem to really want to eat it. Did you eat it yourself?”

She replied in an easy-going manner, “Other actors spit out too much because they film too much, but I tend to eat everything. Spitting is not in my dictionary. You have to swallow it and eat it. I was able to convey the feeling.”

Meanwhile, the movie “3 Days of Vacation” is a work depicting the healing fantasy of a mother on vacation in heaven and her daughter who runs a restaurant using her mother’s recipes. Kim Hae-sook, Shin Min-ah, Kang Ki-young, Hwang Bo-ra, and others appeared in “My Special Brother” and “He’s On Duty”.