“A Prefabricated Family”: Actor Hwang In-yeop transforms into an orthopedic surgery resident

Actor Hwang In-yeop transforms into an orthopedic surgery resident in “A Prefabricated Family”.

Hwang In-yeop has confirmed his appearance in JTBC’s new drama “A Prefabricated Family” (written by Hong Si-young/directed by Kim Seung-ho/produced by Hijium Studio, Base Story, SLL).

“A Prefabricated Family” is a youth romance in which a man and a woman who were not related by blood, but insisted on being family and were together as teenagers, meet again after 10 years and experience the trembling of their first love that they had not revealed at the time.

Hwang In-yeop plays Kim San-ha, an orthopedic resident at Haedong University Hospital who has both outstanding looks and intelligence. Although he seems to have nothing to regret on the outside, it is predicted that he will portray Sanha, who always seems dark due to the guilt that his family’s misfortune was his fault when he was young, and attention is already focused on the passionate performance he will show.

Previously, Hwang In-yeop received attention for playing the role of Gong-chan, whose fate is changed due to a murder that occurred during his adolescence, in his previous work, SBS’s “Why Her?” (2022). He carefully expressed the variations of emotions that come from time to time, and was praised for adding depth to the character and increasing viewer immersion.

In addition to his work, Hwang In-yeop has continued to communicate with fans through Asian fan meeting tours. As he, who has a strong fan base at home and abroad, meets viewers for the first time in a long time through this work, expectations are high for his deeper acting skills and unique appearance.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s new drama “A Prefabricated Family” starring Hwang In-yeop is scheduled to be broadcast in 2024.