A hair strand of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung has appeared on a Chinese auction site

A hair strand of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung has appeared on a Chinese auction site.

On the 26th, Singaporean media 8days reported, “Recently, Jang Wonyoung’s hair was sold on a Chinese e-commerce site for 999,999 yuan (approximately 18.47 million Korean won).”

IVE, which Jang Wonyoung is a member of, concluded a performance at an indoor sports arena in Singapore on the 24th. It is claimed that three strands of Jang Wonyoung’s hair were pulled out during the concert, and it is possible to conduct DNA tests to prove its authenticity.

Bidding, which began on the 20th, will end on March 2nd. As of the 26th, it was reported that the highest bid exceeded 103,000 yuan (approximately 19.02 million Korean won).

The sight of fans willing to pay exorbitant amounts for an idol star’s hair has sparked shock. Responses such as “Even the person selling it is more ridiculous than the buyer,” and “What are they going to do with three strands of hair?” have been observed.

Some have expressed skepticism about how to prove that it is indeed Jang Wonyoung’s hair. Without the buyer possessing Jang Wonyoung’s DNA, it is impossible to confirm its authenticity.

Especially given the nature of idol groups where security personnel are always present, it was pointed out that it would be impossible to extract Jang Wonyoung’s hair.

Meanwhile, IVE is currently conducting a world tour titled “Show What I Have,” visiting 19 countries and 27 cities.