“2023 Music Bank Global Festival”: Rowoon and IVE Jang Won-young showed off their attractive visuals

Rowoon and IVE Jang Won-young showed off their visuals in “2023 Music Bank Global Festival”.

The first part of the “2023 Music Bank Global Festival” was broadcast live at KBS Hall in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 15th. Part 2 was held at the Beruna Dome in Japan on the 9th and was broadcast as a recorded broadcast.

Rowoon and Jang Won-young served as MCs for the first part of the “Music Bank Global Festival” held in Korea. Rowoon was responsible for various music programs such as KBS’ “The Idol Band”, “Song Festival”, and “Music Bank World Tour in Chile”, while Jang Won-young proved his quick hosting skills as the 37th MC of “Music Bank”.

In particular, Jang Won-young, who appeared as the MC for the KBS Song Awards this year as well as last year, introduced herself by saying, “I won’t be able to miss the festival. I am Jang Won-young, who is back as an MC this year as well.”

Rowoon gave a warm atmosphere by praising, “This is my first time as an MC with Wonyoung, but I understand why you are Jang Wonyoung. You are a goddess itself.”

Jang Won-young responded, “Are you sure? Thank you.”

As the “Music Bank Global Festival” was held on this day under the theme of “GATE”, which will introduce artists who will open a new door to K-pop, rookie teams such as Fantasy Boys, H1-Key, and Xikers performed on the stage.

After the stage, Jang Won-young handed Rowoon a rose, saying, “Ta-da. A rose bloomed at KBS. It’s a gift.”

In response, Rowoon burst out laughing, saying, “Thank you. Can I take this? I feel like my heart is pounding when Wonyoung gives me a rose.”

Jang Won-young then praised himself, saying, “This is the first time the two of us have worked together, but don’t you think we get along quite well?” Rowoon also admitted, saying, “The MC combination is not bad.”