2023 AAA: Lee Jun-young won the “Best Acting Performance”

Lee Jun-young won the “Best Acting Performance” at the “2023 AAA”.

Lee Jun-young attended the “2023 Asia Artist Awards in the Philippines” (hereinafter “2023 AAA”) held at the Philippine Arena on the afternoon of the 14th and met with fans.

After winning the Best Acting Performance award that day, Lee Jun-young said, “I am grateful to have been invited to such a meaningful event, and it is truly an honor to receive such a great award. I am grateful to my agency family and the award ceremony staff.”

He then raised expectations by saying, “This year, I greeted him as a villain, but I will work hard to become an actor who can show a more interesting and diverse side in the new year.” He added, “Please show a lot of interest in my new acting transformation.”

Lee Jun-young, who has been working tirelessly for a long time, not only captivated viewers with his all-time villain character in this year’s Netflix series “Mask Girl”, but also received favorable reviews for his delicate acting skills that did not miss a single detail, such as his eyes, tone of voice, and behavior.

Not only this, in the movie “Brave Citizen”, he played the role of Han Su-gang, a person with absolute power in the school, and with his perfect character digestion and solid acting skills, he raised the audience’s immersion in the play by inducing real-life anger.

Meanwhile, Lee Jun-young, who has received favorable reviews for his strong acting this year, is about to release the movie ‘”Badland Hunters”, and the dramas “Royal Roader”, “I Was Fooled”, “I Openly Dream of Becoming Cinderella”, and “Weak Hero Class 2”. He plans to show off his unique acting transformation once again.

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